Why women are so amazing.

This morning I spent a couple of hours with two vibrant women – listening to their stories and learning a little bit about each of them. Both are Mums, both are incredibly busy – one runs a very successful business and the other travels a huge amount for her career. They are ready to take a new project on that will lead them out of their comfort zone (and with hard work) into a different life to the one they live now. A life with more time for friends and fun and family. A life where finances are not at the top of the stress pile. And as I sat listening to them contemplate what changes they need to make – it dawned on me (again) just how amazing women are. No matter the colour of your skin, whether you are short, tall, thin, not so thin, and have red, grey, white, yellow, brown, black or pink hair (or any other colour of the spectrum), you are part of the sisterhood. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are the glue that sticks communities and society together. A few minutes with your girlfriends can make all of the cares in the world drop away – and there is magic in that. Where ever you are reading this, stop for a moment and realise that inside you lies a seed of greatness. You are amazing !

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