To be, or not to be, that is the Question.

Today in Auckland it’s hot.  It was hot over the weekend too.  It’s been hot for a month and the ground is dry and baked hard.  I’ve got a half marathon to train for.  Granted it’s not until July but the time comes around quickly.  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting back into my running shoes after two months rest and today when I woke up I knew that it had to be the day.  My only window of opportunity came at precisely 12.15pm when the sun was at it’s peak.  I had 45 minutes.  I tied my shoelaces and ran the shadiest route possible and still roasted in the heat.  Two hours later and I wonder what the big deal was.  Life is like that you know.  You hear the nagging little voice – the one that says you need to do something but you put it off.  You procrastinate.  You tell yourself its too hot, you’re not ready,  you’ll do it tomorrow, the timing isn’t quite right, if only your circumstances were different then you’d go for it !  You’re too busy, you don’t have the right skills, your partner says no.  You’re just waiting for the perfect moment.

And you know what?  While you’re waiting for that perfect moment life is passing you by.

One thought

  1. In 30 years of dragging my bum out to go for a run, a ride or a paddle, there were a million times when it took every last ounce of will power to get out there. and not once, not a single time did i ever regret it once i was out actually out the door and moving. Well said Ali, awesome.


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