All of a sudden It’s Autumn.  I can feel the change in my bones.  Paul doesn’t like this time of year because he is a Summer bunny and the thought of cold weather ahead makes him unhappy.  I love the changing of the seasons I’m hugely invigorated.

I’ve been going through lots of personal change over the last couple of years which has been quite full on. It’s only by being challenged that you actually find out who you really are and what you’re capable of.  It’s kind of like you’re an onion made of lots of layers and the good stuff is on the inside.

Peeling onions can make you cry.

A lot.

If you’re going through a tough time personally or in a business situation the first thing to do is be honest with yourself.   Front up to it.  Make a decision that you are going to get through it and not run away.  No matter what.  That you’ll turn over every stone to figure out what you need to do and you’ll do it with integrity.

And  guess what?  You’ll have discovered a stronger wiser more confident and happier YOU!

You will be AMAZED at what you’re capable of.

Go on.  Amaze yourself.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself” ~ Leo Tolstoy.

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