recipe: 3BC Kick Start

You can’t beat fresh fruit and vegetables for a good hit of nutrition at the start of the day.  Or any time of the day for that matter.

When we were in Northland for Paul’s bike race last week we met a lovely family with two girls the same age as our kids.  Their Dad was cycling and their Mum Anna driving the support vehicle  (huge camper van).   Just like us.  Usually at events like that there are no kids the same age so it was a real treat for them all to have playmates.

On the last morning of the race I made boysenberry smoothies and Anna said that she added broccoli to hers for a boost.

I saw a friend completely change his diet after he was diagnosed with a malignant tumour a few years ago. One of the things he simply couldn’t eat enough of was raw broccoli.  We tested his anti oxidant levels (with a high tech scanning machine that I have) while he was going through chemo and his ‘score’ was higher than 99% of people who are ‘healthy’.  It was more than double what most people score.  His recovery has astounded his medical team.

Having a good intake of anti oxidants and other phyto nutrients is the best defence you can give your body against disease.  You can read more on the benefits of Broccoli here

When  we got home I set about concocting a breakfast smoothie with broccoli to kick start our day.  One that tasted really YUM.

And this is it.


Boysenberries.  1 tin (400g approx) include juice.  Or 2 handfuls of fresh.

Banana. 1 large ripe

Broccoli (raw).  1 small head or 1/2 large head.  Divided into florets.

Coconut milk. 1/2 – 1 cup depending on your preferred taste.


Put all ingredients in a blender and with the lid on puree for at least 1 minute until really smooth.  Taste and adjust flavours – add more of anything that you like.  If you like a really cold smoothie peel chop and and freeze your bananas in a plastic bag and use them frozen and / or use frozen berries.  If you prefer a thinner consistency add 1/2 – 1 cup of oat milk which would make it a 3BOC Kick Start.

*The image below is the amount of broccoli I used in the smoothie above.  A whole small head broken up into pieces that the blender can manage.

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