Tasty Egg Cheese and Sausage Pies

The purpose of bite sized chunks is to encourage and inspire you in the kitchen and in life.  To make easy delicious healthy recipes available for everyone – with occasional life musings thrown in.

I have been debating for weeks whether to include meat in some of the recipes.  My family all eat meat / fish and I cook with it several times a week although I am vegetarian.

All of us benefit from a diet rich in a variety of fruits vegetables herbs and legumes and I feel it is really important health wise to eat several vegetarian meals a week.  I also feel that leaving recipes with meat / fish out of the blog means some people won’t be getting everything they need from it.

With that said, the first recipe which includes meat (as an option) forthwith.

These pies are terrific for lunch or brunch, a picnic  light meal or even a hearty sort of snack and are very versatile.  They take about 40 minutes from start to the last crumb being slurped down.  The idea of using soft wholemeal bread instead of pastry means that your pies contain less fat which is awesome.

Ingredients for four pies

6 slices fresh soft bread – I used wholemeal.  Kiwis: Vogels wont work.

Soft butter for spreading or good quality olive oil

4 eggs

1 sausage pre boiled – optional

1/2 cup grated tasty cheese

1 muffin tin – for large muffins . You could use smaller muffin moulds for tinier pies.  Non stick variety if possible.


Turn the oven on to 180 C / 350 F.  Ensure rack is in middle of oven.  With a sharp knife trim crusts off bread and then thinly butter one side of each piece, or brush a light covering of oil if you prefer.  Take 2 pieces of buttered / oiled bread and cut cleanly down the middle to give you four rectangular pieces and four large square pieces altogether.  Press each of the four square pieces into a muffin mould butter / oil side down right up to one edge of the the mould.  There will be a gap on the other side of the mould, take a rectangular piece of bread and fit it neatly into the gap pressing down into the corners of the mould and also pressing the edges of the bread together to make neat little bread cases.

Bread Cases

Sprinkle a little grated cheese into the bottom of each mould then crack a whole egg into it.  Add some small pieces of sausage on top of the egg (optional) and a sprinkle a wee bit more grated cheese.  Season with Salt and Pepper and a sprinkle of Paprika if you like.  Put in the oven and cook approx 20 minutes or until starting to turn golden on top.

Other options:

Instead of Sausage on top of your egg substitute with: little flaked smoked fish or salmon / small pieces of steamed asparagus / chopped chives / crispy bacon / thinly sliced capsicum / a slice of tomato / cubed pieces of feta / spring onions – or a mixture of any of the above.  Get creative and have fun. You cannot put a foot wrong with these little beauties !  If you have children they will love making their own pies

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