Four Bean, Fig and Feta Salad

Today I’m starting a new eating plan in accordance with starting the all-new ageLOC TR90 system which is a 90 day body re-shaping / body re-composition product.  The advised eating plan that goes with the 90 days worth of supplements, powder and shakes is per meal: 2 x portions burning foods (protein) 1 x portion storing foods (carbs/grains/cereals) and 1 x portion protecting foods (fruit and veg).  I thought that it might be handy for my fellow TR90 community to have some easy recipes up their sleeve so here is a lunch / dinner idea.

This will take you five minutes to throw together.  Feel free to substitute almonds with any other kind of nuts or other crunchy veg for the celery.


1 large / 2 small dried fig chopped chunky

2 inch piece of feta crumbled

3 stalks of celery washed and sliced finely

8 almonds chopped roughly

200g mixed beans

6 pitted olives torn roughly

cracked black pepper and sea  salt


Throw all ingredients into a bowl and toss to mix.  Season to taste and serve immediately or store in the fridge.  Will keep in fridge (covered) for a couple of days.

* I used no dressing but you could squeeze a lemon over the salad or use your favourite vinaigrette.  If you are storing it in the fridge then definitely squeeze the lemon juice over prior to make sure that the celery stays nice and fresh.

The feta and the fig give this salad a beautiful sweet and salty burst of flavour and the celery and almond give it CRUNCH.Image

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