School Night Checklist

Last Sunday night we got home late from a weekend away – kids were asleep in the car when we arrived. We put them in bed and scrambled to unpack everything and get ready for the morning before hitting the sack.

Next morning I was not prepared for Monday – jumbled disorganised mayhem getting ready for school. It WOULD have to be one of the mornings that Paul was at home and he admonished ‘you need to be more organised in the mornings’ arghh!

For my business, the week begins on a Sunday when I plan and prepare the week ahead. For the kids too – a checklist like the one below saves me from a mad Monday morning and we can start the week with a smile instead of s.t.r.e.s.s.

Alexander Graham Bell said “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” and that includes that starting off the school week well !

This is my checklist for tomorrow – if we had swimming at school I’d have added: check swimming bags / goggles and towel are packed and ready.

Wishing you all a fab start to the school  week …Mums and kids 🙂

school night checklist

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