Number ONE Reason

Ruby had her first ever school cluster swimming sports last week. Here she is ready for her 30m freestyle heat, which she won – very exciting! – but eventually didn’t have a fast enough time to make the final. Seven schools in total crowded around the pool chanting and cheering wildly and loudly, having a great rowdy and competitive day as is the tradition with swimming sports.

It was just the same as I remembered it from my school days. Eons ago.

The number ONE reason I chose to create an online business that I run from home is so that I don’t have to ASK anyone for permission to take the day off.

I didn’t have to USE UP a holiday or ‘claim’ a sick day to spend the day with Ruby.  I can choose to work when and where I want and the hours suit my family. I don’t have to put my kids into after school care or holiday program while I go to work. I am there for them 100% while they grow up.

It’s MAGIC for my children.

You can see by the look on her face.

Rubes swim

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