Five Ideas for Kids at Easter



This year Easter at our house is about three  things…the kids are super excited about having five days off school, the cousins are coming to stay, and Chocolate. Acres of chocolate.

I remember going to Church for Easter service when we were kids. It was the only time of year aside from Christmas that Dad set foot in our small country Church, happily bellowing out Easter hymns in his monotone baritone. We went to Sunday School and learned about Jesus’ crucifixion on the hill and how he had risen from the dead on Sunday morning when the stone was rolled away. I could never quite understand how eggs, yellow fluffy chicks and bunnies fit into the picture but I kept quiet.

In my first year of Boarding School we made Easter cards in French class which had Joyeux Paques carefully drawn on the front and coloured in bright. Mine had a chick on the front too. That class was my favourite. The teacher Mrs Larner was a warm Scottish woman who taught us French accents with a soft Scots brogue.

The name Easter derives from an entirely different time. Ostara Saxon fertility Goddess of the dawn and Springtime (also known as Oestre and Eastre) was revered for heralding Spring into the world (in the Northern Hemisphere) a time when everything began to grow, flower and have babies. The rabbit – well known for is reproduction capabilities – was a sacred animal.

My amazing Mum Penny has her own Easter  tradition of baking dozens of her special hot cross buns for friends, family and even the local Medical Centre where she used to work. They are very special buns with a centre of warm sticky spicy buttery ooze that spills out on to the baking tray. Very more-ish.

Back at our house it’s Easter in two days. We’re hoping for fine weather but being Autumn NZ is often stormy. This was ok BC (before children) as wet weather meant you could watch films snuggled under mounds of blankets on the couch – all day if you wanted – only to be broken up by a walk outside in the fresh air, or a trip to the fridge when you needed sustenance. AC you need to be prepared if it’s wet.

I am not a crafty person at all. Need serious help in this department and therefore always really appreciate great ideas for keeping kids entertained indoors. If you have young ones at home and it’s raining here are five simple ideas to help keep your sanity and the troops busy.

1.The Epic Easter Treasure Hunt.

Take it indoors! One of my kids favourite hiding places is the washing machine – you can hide clues in trouser pockets, inside pillowcases, in shoes in pot plants at the back of the book case, in the pots and pans – there is an endless supply of good hiding places. Put a small chocolate egg on each clue that they can eat as they go along and then make the final prize a biggie. They will be talking about it all year. Make sure if you have pets they can’t access the chocolate before the kids find it. It’s toxic to dogs.

2. Print these Easter themed puzzles and colouring pages. If you want more, go to google>easter puzzles>images

3. Crafty fun with these cute bunny ideas.

4. Get the kids in the kitchen making bunny shaped pizzas.


5. Put a movie on. This one looks good for adults too.








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