This Changes Everything

For the very first time in history a customizable anti-aging skin care device will be available soon.

I’ve been testing this revolutionary device  which comes loaded  with pods of serums and moisturizers and  dispenses freshly blended skin care daily.

It’s like a skin care robot.

Sitting on your counter looking very groovy waiting for you to tell it what to do.

Have you ever felt like skin care was a one-size-fits all model? That you have different skin from the next person but you’re being sold the same cream as her?

This changes everything.

Money back guarantee.

Plant based less preservatives no parabens and 15% active ingredients.

I received my customized prescription pods by courier today and one of Bekele’s dinosaurs tried to eat the box!

If you would like to go on the WAITING LIST for this product please email me

Dinosaur optional.

Love Ali x


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