Meet Ali

You’re a genius. Yup true. Enormous potential brewing inside you. 

Are you expressing it?

Doubt it. Not if you’re in a mundane 9-5 with 3 weeks holiday a year. Not if you’re stressed out, flat out juggling work and kids.  Worried about the future? Want more out of your life but haven’t found the answer yet . . ?

You’re so not alone – there are tens of thousands of women feeling the same way.  

Short backstory. I was raised on a farm, can’t get much more down to earth than that. A born optimist – not the norm in my family who are mostly ‘realists’. I’m the odd one out, a little bit. Have been called a square peg in a round hole a couple of times.

After wading through a decade of depression as a young adult, I came out the other side and found myself in the thriving NZ food industry, restaurants, coffee roasters, boutique foods . . . my idea of heaven. I was smack dab in one of NZ’s biggest and best cooking schools while pregnant with my first. Running the joint. LOVING IT! I didn’t love dealing with the corporate that owned the school ~ but I learned a ton.

Then it hit me. Motherhood and full-on-employment don’t go hand in hand well.

I wanted to be healthy, have an enriching family life and somehow make a difference, but there just wasn’t enough of me to go round, so the career had to go (*sob).  A few years later when a colleague showed me a fancy little anti-ageing device that wiped 10 years off my face in 10 minutes, (email me for pics ) I had to have it.

I don’t know about you but I’m yet to meet someone who’s thrilled to look old.  

When I found out that this was one of many remarkable, high quality products, connected to affiliate platform where I could have a side gig that ticked all my flexibility needs,  I could earn good money with a part-time hours, learn new stuff, help others to shine, and be part of the health and wellness revolution – I took a leap of faith.

I’m bordering on fanatical that you get to live life on your terms too.

The years since then have been a wild ride. I’ve travelled the world, met a ton of  inspirational people, helped lots of women set up a successful side gig, and built a residual income where I get paid even if I don’t turn up to work.

When I took two years off my business and my income grew. If I can do it, you can totally do it too. 

When you work with me you get an enthusiastic partner that helps  you succeed, a stack of collaboration and cool digital tools (at no cost – yup nada), and an innovative side gig built that you can work whenever and however you want. Best of all it’s customised to you – which means you get to use your talents and skills in a way that’s unique. Create the flexible lifestyle you want. Say goodbye to  an unknown future, say hello to freedom. . .

plus look younger + feel great  in the process (nice bonus)

I specialise in working with women who are looking for an extra $2K per month. 

  You need to be teachable, inquisitive, and commit to learning some new stuff !

Connect with me to find out more

3 Thoughts

  1. You are a lady in more ways than just genetics for a woman whom has a child to be a complete ‘lady’ it is necessary for her to actually love her children more than herself and it is obvious that you are such a lady. For a man to be a man and a gentleman it is necessary for him to put his wife and children before himself.

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