I love the way food connects people.

A meal shared and enjoyed together is something we have been doing for millennia. It’s a time honoured tradition that intertwines us all; across borders, religions, cultures. 

I love food. I love growing it, creating it, sharing it, eating it. 

Most recipe posts start out with someone needing feeding. I make something take a photo with my iPhone and if it looks ok-ish it’s posted.

To me the saying ‘you are what you eat’ not only means the food that you eat, but also the beliefs that reside inside your mind. We are body and mind and both need to be nourished for a happy healthy life.

This is in part a food blog… with a serving of inspiration, a helping of healthy ideas and a sprinkling of my life.

Wishing you a nourishing day,

x Ali



3 thoughts on “About

  1. You are a lady in more ways than just genetics for a woman whom has a child to be a complete ‘lady’ it is necessary for her to actually love her children more than herself and it is obvious that you are such a lady. For a man to be a man and a gentleman it is necessary for him to put his wife and children before himself.

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