Number ONE Reason

Ruby had her first ever school cluster swimming sports last week. Here she is ready for her 30m freestyle heat, which she won – very exciting! – but eventually didn’t have a fast enough time to make the final. Seven schools in total crowded around the pool chanting and cheering wildly and loudly, having a great […]

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I’m not beautiful Mummy

I was looking for a jig saw puzzle for my six year old daughter last week as a gift. She is into princesses. In the village toyshop and bookshop I found lots of puzzles with long blonde-haired and blue-eyed princesses but very few dark-skinned brunette princesses.  And none with afros. It got me thinking. When […]

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Why women are so amazing.

This morning I spent a couple of hours with two vibrant women – listening to their stories and learning a little bit about each of them. Both are Mums, both are incredibly busy – one runs a very successful business and the other travels a huge amount for her career. They are ready to take […]

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