Number ONE Reason

Ruby had her first ever school cluster swimming sports last week. Here she is ready for her 30m freestyle heat, which she won – very exciting! – but eventually didn’t have a fast enough time to make the final. Seven schools in total crowded around the pool chanting and cheering wildly and loudly, having a great […]

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School Night Checklist

Last Sunday night we got home late from a weekend away – kids were asleep in the car when we arrived. We put them in bed and scrambled to unpack everything and get ready for the morning before hitting the sack. Next morning I was not prepared for Monday – jumbled disorganised mayhem getting ready […]

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Money Money Money

Abba Arrival was the first and only modern record that our family got when I was a kid.  Prior to that the large family record collection consisted solely of composers 150 years and older.  My lovely Mum adores classical music and my sister and I grew up on a heady mix of opera and symphony […]

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