Cafe Review

Popping in to Woodside Cafe for coffee with a colleague yesterday morphed into a three hour stint sitting outside with my laptop. The owner came outside to pat Mojo and had a chat about the food – everything on the menu is gluten free made lovingly on site. The coffee is delicious and the brunch bruschetta I […]

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Flat Bread

Auckland’s North Shore locals are lucky to have a selection of cafes and restaurants offering good food and excellent coffee. One of my all time favourites Sausalito adjoins the cute Bridgeway Cinema on Northcote Point. Famous for cranking out tasty meals in extra-quick-time Sausalito has a wood-fire oven lit early in the morning which burns […]

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Brownie of Goodness

Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free aren’t normally synonyms you’d associate with a sublimely sticky sweet brownie but in “My Petite Kitchen Cookbook” Eleanor Ozich has given us a simple and decadent brownie which is all of the above. This recipe is taken from her book and tweaked a little.  My lovely friend Mel and I (it’s […]

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Black Rice Stir Fry with Tamari

We had this last night and it took precisely 10 minutes from lighting the gas hob to plating up.  The rice was pre cooked – add another 20 minutes if you are starting with uncooked rice. The main difference between Tamari and Soy Sauce is that Tamari contains little or no wheat – good news […]

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This is an adaptation from a recipe for Dahl Makhani in the Revive Cookbook which is a brilliant book full of great easy and healthy meals.  The lentils give you a hit of protein and the coconut cream and spices make the flavour warm and lingering.  The recipe book also uses red kidney beans and a […]

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Tasty Egg Cheese and Sausage Pies

The purpose of bite sized chunks is to encourage and inspire you in the kitchen and in life.  To make easy delicious healthy recipes available for everyone – with occasional life musings thrown in. I have been debating for weeks whether to include meat in some of the recipes.  My family all eat meat / […]

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Nourishing Red Lentil Soup

This is a cracker of a soup.  My all time favourite. Whenever there is a fresh batch in the pot I can’t stop myself eating it. I have just finished making a brew to take photos for this post and have already inhaled two bowls full !  On a cold day it is heart warming comfort […]

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