Money Money Money

Abba Arrival was the first and only modern record that our family got when I was a kid.  Prior to that the large family record collection consisted solely of composers 150 years and older.  My lovely Mum adores classical music and my sister and I grew up on a heady mix of opera and symphony […]

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Get connected baby

In 2007 a friend told me that I needed to be on facebook. She said that my (then) business would flourish if I got connected. I was skeptical curious and unsure what she meant. I signed up found friends and saw that they were posting about coffee dates and weekend escapades. I didn’t get it. […]

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Why women are so amazing.

This morning I spent a couple of hours with two vibrant women – listening to their stories and learning a little bit about each of them. Both are Mums, both are incredibly busy – one runs a very successful business and the other travels a huge amount for her career. They are ready to take […]

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