Vulnerability. It’s Powerful

I have been watching reading and LOVING Brene Brown since discovering her a few years ago. She has a natural ability to come across as completely normal – which makes her so relatable and easy to listen to. Her genius cuts straight to the heart of every topic using every day language. A  witty storyteller with an insight into what makes people […]

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All of a sudden It’s Autumn.  I can feel the change in my bones.  Paul doesn’t like this time of year because he is a Summer bunny and the thought of cold weather ahead makes him unhappy.  I love the changing of the seasons I’m hugely invigorated. I’ve been going through lots of personal change […]

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Why women are so amazing.

This morning I spent a couple of hours with two vibrant women – listening to their stories and learning a little bit about each of them. Both are Mums, both are incredibly busy – one runs a very successful business and the other travels a huge amount for her career. They are ready to take […]

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