Easy Lunchbox Fillers

Ruby has been going through a spate of not eating her school lunch. Day after day she comes home with a lunch box still full of the lovingly made healthy meal – which takes up a fair bit of time each morning for the lunch-maker (aka Me). She said her friend has quiche for lunch […]

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Lavender Sleep

I drip two drops of Epoch Lavender EO onto Ruby and Bekele’s pillows at night. It’s become our evening ritual. Ruby has a tendency to worry, and has always had trouble getting to sleep. The lavender sends her off beautifully every night. She loves it and I do too. Love Ali x PS that’s just […]

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School Night Checklist

Last Sunday night we got home late from a weekend away – kids were asleep in the car when we arrived. We put them in bed and scrambled to unpack everything and get ready for the morning before hitting the sack. Next morning I was not prepared for Monday – jumbled disorganised mayhem getting ready […]

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Flat Bread

Auckland’s North Shore locals are lucky to have a selection of cafes and restaurants offering good food and excellent coffee. One of my all time favourites Sausalito adjoins the cute Bridgeway Cinema on Northcote Point. Famous for cranking out tasty meals in extra-quick-time Sausalito has a wood-fire oven lit early in the morning which burns […]

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Black Rice Stir Fry with Tamari

We had this last night and it took precisely 10 minutes from lighting the gas hob to plating up. ┬áThe rice was pre cooked – add another 20 minutes if you are starting with uncooked rice. The main difference between Tamari and Soy Sauce is that Tamari contains little or no wheat – good news […]

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