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The Art of Conversation

I’ve been listening to TED talks this morning – in amongst making pancakes, birthday present shopping and assisting my kids with a new vid for their YouTube channel.

A fairly normal Sunday morning.

I always love a good TED talk and this morning’s batch were all loosely based around having conversations. So I thought I’d investigate. Try and find one that spoke to the art of conversation and how to be good at it.

And I found this. She’s great – witty, insightful and informative. I hope you enjoy it too.


Get connected baby

In 2007 a friend told me that I needed to be on facebook. She said that my (then) business would flourish if I got connected. I was skeptical curious and unsure what she meant. I signed up found friends and saw that they were posting about coffee dates and weekend escapades. I didn’t get it.

At the time I had an 8 month old baby and was feeling severed from life. New babies can do that to you in a shocking way. You had a life where you could do (pretty much) what you wanted when you wanted and with whom you wanted. You had time. You could leave the house at the drop of a hat. Your clothes weren’t streaked with regurgitated food. You slept. Your body belonged to you. You saw your friends. You went to the cinema and out for dinner. All of a sudden that changed and no amount of advice from well meaning friends could prepare you.

You had to grow up and realise that things would never be the same again

As a working Mum you’re expected to squeeze a full time job into 3 or 4 days a week. The early morning race to get everyone ready is followed by school / childcare drop off a commute to work racing through your workload picking kids up from school / childcare and heading into the bath / dinner / reading homework / teeth / bedtime story routine followed by all those other little things that it takes to keep a household running – laundry housework grocery shopping cleaning dishes … ad infinitum. You crash into bed knowing that it will be exactly the same tomorrow. Paying for childcare eats up most of your pay cheque. Taking time off to look after sick kids is frowned upon and stressful.

There is a new thing called ‘rushing woman’s syndrome’. If you ask me it’s a travesty. How can an amazing woman like you flourish if you spend your days rushing rushing rushing rushing rushing. What effect is this having ?

My daughter is now six and my little boy four. Possibly the smartest thing that I’ve ever done for my family was starting an online business. It has been a steep learning curve – not easy by any means. It gives me flexibility to work when where and how I want. Last Tuesday I worked from a picnic table at the beach all morning after dropping the kids off.

The connection economy snuck up on us. Tweeting liking blogging sharing and posting your way around cyberspace is de rigueur. The Industrial age has gone and the new marketplace is global. Online is killing retail.

You need to wake up and realise that things are never going to be the same again.

You need to be online.