Perfectly Perfect Mushrooms

It took me 45 years to enjoy the taste of mushrooms. I remember clearly going out on an Autumn morning with Mum toting a bucket, out to the back paddocks of the farm searching for field mushrooms. She used to cook them in a roux and have the grey-brown creamy concoction on toast for her […]

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Caramelised Vegetable Lasagne

My bro in law Rik concocted a similar dish last time I stayed with them. I ate it for dinner and then again for breakfast, the texture and flavour… was SO GOOD!!! The sticky caramelised vegetables completely rocked. So last week I thought I’d give it a go. The result was better than expected,  both […]

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Chilli Lime Jam

Our garden is a perpetual experiment and this year I decided to grow chillies. John at Tumbleweeds Garden Centre advised me to wait until the end of October but Tabasco went into the ground at the end of September and it was lovingly tended every day and kept under a cloche (an upturned 4 litre […]

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Black Rice Stir Fry with Tamari

We had this last night and it took precisely 10 minutes from lighting the gas hob to plating up.  The rice was pre cooked – add another 20 minutes if you are starting with uncooked rice. The main difference between Tamari and Soy Sauce is that Tamari contains little or no wheat – good news […]

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This is an adaptation from a recipe for Dahl Makhani in the Revive Cookbook which is a brilliant book full of great easy and healthy meals.  The lentils give you a hit of protein and the coconut cream and spices make the flavour warm and lingering.  The recipe book also uses red kidney beans and a […]

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Four Bean, Fig and Feta Salad

Today I’m starting a new eating plan in accordance with starting the all-new ageLOC TR90 system which is a 90 day body re-shaping / body re-composition product.  The advised eating plan that goes with the 90 days worth of supplements, powder and shakes is per meal: 2 x portions burning foods (protein) 1 x portion […]

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